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28 January 2015 - 7:10:07pm

On This Day ...
Foss, Ole Rasmussen Ole Rasmussen28 January 1798217Christening 
Hammer, Brynjulf Brynjulf28 January 192095Christening 
Hammer, Johannes Hansen Johannes Hansen28 January 192095Event 
Hamre, Britte Pedersdatter Britte Pedersdatter28 January 1838177Burial 
Lia, Knut Sofus Simonsen Knut Sofus Simonsen28 January 1872143Birth 
Nilsdatter, Margrethe Margrethe28 January 1882133Birth 
Olsen, Didrikke Severine Didrikke Severine28 January 1865150Birth 
Ørsjødalen, Gusta Margrethe Theodorsdatter Gusta Margrethe Theodorsdatter28 January 1883132Birth 
Rasmussen, Kristoffer Kristoffer28 January 1779236Burial 
Re, Anna Jensine Andreasdatter Anna Jensine Andreasdatter28 January 192095Event 
Schjøth, Fredrikke Fredrikke28 January 1810205Birth 
Vedvik, Johan Rasmus Steffensen Johan Rasmus Steffensen28 January 1877138Christening 

Total events: 12
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