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1 November 2014 - 10:20:07am

On This Day ...
Davik, Ole Simensen Ole Simensen1 November 1821193Burial 
Grønbeck, Lars Løberg Hansen Lars Løberg Hansen1 November 1846168Event 
Hansdatter, Maren Maren1 November 1846168Event 
Hansen, Ole Klaus Ole Klaus1 November 1846168Event 
Helås, Andreas Arntsen
Tetlia, Nikoline Kristoffersdatter
Andreas Arntsen1 November 1877137Marriage 
Johannesdatter, Kari Kari1 November 1829185Burial 
Kvalshausen, Abel Katrina Vilhelmsdatter Abel Katrina Vilhelmsdatter1 November 1846168Christening 
Midthjell, Anders Kristensen Anders KristensenNovember 1745269Death 
Midthjell, Anders Kristensen Anders KristensenNovember 1745269Birth 
Mikkelsdatter, Abel Katrina Abel Katrina1 November 1846168Event 
Olsdatter, Helene HeleneNovember 1735279Birth 
Olsdatter, Lorentse Amalie Lorentse Amalie1 November 1887127Birth 
Ørsjødalen, Eliseus Olsen Eliseus Olsen1 November 1896118Christening 
Ottersen, Just JustNovember 1753261Birth 
Råum, Nils Johannesen
Gundersdatter, Abigael
Nils Johannesen1 November 1794220Engagement 
Røstad, Ole Johansen Ole Johansen1 November 1744270Christening 
Ruchel, Alf C. J. Alf C. J.1 November 192292Birth 
Rud, Peder Henriksen
Amundsdatter, Maren
Peder Henriksen1 November 1733281Marriage 
Sandbergan, Johan Kristoffer Olsen Johan Kristoffer Olsen1 November 1825189Birth 
Tajet, Hans Olsen Hans Olsen1 November 1847167Birth 
Tetlia, Kristoffer Nilsen Kristoffer Nilsen1 November 1877137Event 
Vuttudal, Jon Jonsen Jon Jonsen1 November 1858156Christening 
Vuttudal, Randi Jonsdatter Randi Jonsdatter1 November 1858156Christening 

Total events: 23
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