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21 November 2014 - 11:03:54am

On This Day ...
Bertelsdatter, Anna Anna21 November 1807207Event 
Ervik, Maren Ebbesdatter Maren Ebbesdatter21 November 1877137Death 
Flå, Marit Fredriksdatter Marit Fredriksdatter21 November 1846168Death 
Midthjell, Anne Kristensdatter Anne Kristensdatter21 November 1737277Christening 
Midthjell, Børge Ellingsen Børge Ellingsen21 November 1738276Event 
Midthjell, Martinus Kristoffer Martinussen Martinus Kristoffer Martinussen21 November 1892122Burial 
Ottersdatter, Anne Malene Anne Malene21 November 1807207Event 
Ottersdatter, Inger Elisabeth Inger Elisabeth21 November 1807207Event 
Ottersdatter, Maren Maren21 November 1807207Event 
Ottersen, Bertel Bertel21 November 1807207Event 
Ottersen, Hans Hans21 November 1807207Event 
Ottersen, Josef Josef21 November 1807207Event 
Ottersen, Otter Otter21 November 1807207Event 
Råum, Ingeborg Nilsdatter Ingeborg Nilsdatter21 November 1819195Death 
Schjøth, Erik Eriksen Erik Eriksen21 November 1813201Event 
Stakkvik, Cecilia Ludvika Ditlefsdatter Cecilia Ludvika Ditlefsdatter21 November 1881133Birth 
Steen, Daniel Justsen Daniel Justsen21 November 1851163Death 
Vedvik, Dorthea Beate Steffensdatter Dorthea Beate Steffensdatter21 November 196153Burial 
Vedvik, Ingeborg Alette Steffensdatter Ingeborg Alette Steffensdatter21 November 1869145Christening 

Total events: 19
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